Before implementing our team discusses the ideas with our clients and the idea which our client approves is implemented. As many event management companies never discusses the ideas before implementation but for TIH the client’s approval is the most important thing.
After approval from the client we Implement the idea and keep your expectations in mind and TIH commits to plan the most memorable event. From meticulous management of facility details to AV, catering and on-site coordination, we ensure every detail is looked after.
This is the last and most important point where you just have to enjoy the event and let us handle each and everything. Let everyone enjoy the event and let us handle your on the spot work.


Wedding is a ceremony where two people are united in marriage. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, countries and social classes. There are different cultures and different cultures have different types of marriages. TIH helps you to make your wedding worth your expectations.

Venue Selection

Invitation Makings

Bridal Make Up’s



Mandap Decor’s






In today’s world everyone likes to socialise and if someone organising a social event the person wants the event to be in the best manner. TIH helps you to arrange the best event for you guys and we make the atmosphere best for socialising. A night of fun and frolics, interesting conversations, musical vibes and revelry is assured by us. Whatever you want just let us know and we will promise that you will have the best and seamless night!

Birthday Parties

Golden Jubiles

Silver Jubilee

DJ Parties

Cocktail Prties

School / College Fest

Surprise parties

Pool Parties


TIH plans Corporate event also and we plan them in the manner which will make your event most rememberable and an unforgettable event for your guests. Our team keeps all your goals in mind and organise the event in your desirable manner.

We choose the best venue and menu that gives your business more shine. Our team offers different range of creative ideas which are unique and fits in every budget and suits your needs. We ensure the right mix of audience and sales lead for any Network meet, Product Lunch, Training Event or Exhibition deliver so that the ROI of our clients increase.



Executive visits

Residential conferences

Industry association events

Product launches

Awards functions

Road shows / Channel events

Open Mics

Open mics are now a days are getting more attention by youth. Most of the cafe’s and restraunts are organising open mics TIH helps you to organise your open mic event as you expect. If you are organising or want to organise an open ic just let our team know the budget and your expectations and our team will organise that event just the way you want. Our team do loads of researches to make your event the best. Not every event company helps you to Organise Open mics but TIH team took the initiative and added this feature.